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Odine III Soundbar Remote Control

Odine III Soundbar Remote Control

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Compact design - The Odine III has a compact design that's compatible with TVs from 22” and over, so that you can enhance your audio no matter the size of your TV.

DSP Technology - Built-in 2x bass reflex ports, DSP, equipped with L-shaped metal mesh, unique left and right sound hole and 13-degree elevation design, providing wider sound field, stronger surround sound. Driven by 4 full-range speaker, delivering up to 110dB, which significantly improved the mid-low frequency and medium-high frequency.

Bluetooth 5.0 - Using Bluetooth wireless technology, you can stream music straight from your phone, tablet or compatible home theatre devices to the Soundbar, without the need for an additional cable.

It can be wall mounted - If your TV is mounted to the wall, the Odine III is a great addition to your existing set up. A wall mounting kit comes included so that you can place the sound bar on the wall underneath your TV.

Key Specs


Size and Weight


Sound Bar Dimensions:

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Odine III Soundbar Remote Control
Regular price $25.00 USD
Sale price $25.00 USD Regular price
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  • Odine III Soundbar setup scene in the living room
    Fill the room with optimized 3D sound

    3D Sound

    Two mid-low range drivers and tweeters brings you crystal clear surround sound. The side bass tubes create deeper sounds for your shows and movies.

    Odine III with upgraded 6 EQ modes

    Six EQ Modes

    Elevate your sound experience with tuned EQs: Music, Movie, Game, News, Bass+ and 3D. Pick any one to create a true-to-life experience.

    More Ways to Connect

    Various setup options including HDMI ARC, Digital Optical, AUX, WiFi and USB.

    • Bass Reflex Tube Design

      Bass Reflex Tube Design

      A soundbars for TV that delivers punchy bass without sacrificing detail and clarity.

    • Remote control with night LED off mode

      Easy control with your fingertips

      Cuztomize your listening experience at the touch of a button.

    • Simply tap and play with Buletooth 5.0

      Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

      Play music from your phone to your soundbar for seamless connection and listening with just a tap.

    • Simplify Control Panel

      Moderate size speaker with smooth design, fine lines and side buttons for easy access.


    How to connect the soundbar to the TV?

    1. First confirm your TV’s input types are supported; Optical, HDMI, Bluetooth, AUX, and USB.
    2. Use the cables provided to connect the device.

    Not hearing any sound?

    1. Check if the volume is muted.
    2. Check if you choose the right input modes on the soundbar.
    3. Check if your tv’s input interface is corresponding with the audio cable you plugged in.
    4. Check if the TV interface is loose.
    5. Try a new audio cable.
    6. Please contact us if there is still no sound.

    How to install the soundbar on the wall?

    1. First drill two holes in the wall.
    2. Tap the white plastic tubes into the holes.
    3. Screw in the provided screws, but leave a quarter exposed.
    4. Hang the soundbar on the exposed screws via the keyholes on the back of the soundbar.